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Nova Indus Pharmaceuticals

NOVA INDUS Pharmaceuticals is undoubtedly the top-player in the pharmaceutical industry. Our true dedication and scientific approaches have been servicing progress in “NOVA INDUS” for a long time in a possible way. The organization provides next-generation solutions to society with an insight into how innovations and research can shape a better future. We work on Customer delight & Satisfaction and our focus is on delivering the best quality results. For generations, we’ve been working with the sole intent to cater to every age’s healthcare requirements. In our range of life-saving drugs, you perceive affordability, reliability, and 100% quality precision.

PCD Pharma Franchise Company in India

Nova Indus endeavors to innovate and automate our manufacturing process to render affordable pharma products for the entire globe.

As India’s pharmaceutical business continues to develop and pharma companies’ manufacturers retain a strong position in the global supply chain. These Pcd Pharma Franchise companies In India are playing an essential role in promoting the industry in India. The continuous pandemic has created an increase in healthcare centers, due to which new and old pharmaceutical firms in India have provided to the enormous need of society. India provides more than 50% of the worldwide need for different vaccines and 40% of the demand for generic products in the United States. It has been predicted that India will be the fifth-largest market for pharmaceuticals globally by 2023.

Every Life is precious in the Time of Covid- 19

However, the pandemic may have a temporary impact on the Indian economy at par with the global situation. On the other side, it also allows the pharma sector to break the barriers and restrategize its supply chain of medical supplies during such crisis scenarios.

There are notable global efforts initiated to diagnose, treat and prevent infections from the virus. Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies are working globally to combat COVID-19 and providing education on how to better treat patients remotely and help them manage their conditions in light of COVID-19.

Nova Indus, A progressive company with a manufacturing experience of a decade is expanding its footprint across the globe with solutions for pharmaceutical formulations and development as its specialty. We Third Party Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in India provide the third-party manufacturing services and meet the immediate needs of the patients. The company has set high global standards in formulation manufacturing. We specialize in the manufacture and supply of finished formulations that include tablets, capsules, liquids syrups, ointments, creams, Powders, softgel capsules, Eyedrops, injectables, Infusions, etc.

New Levels of Excellent innovation in Pharmaceutical Formulations for a healthier life

Being a Top Pharma Franchise Company in India our main focus is serving society by improving their health through the best medicines. Our innovative approach and the simultaneous opening of newer markets abroad help us achieve a niche in the global pharmaceutical arena. Since its inception in 2006, the Nova Indus has been involved in developing a growing portfolio of best-in-class 250 + pharmaceutical formulations in the health care arena.

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