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All You Need To Know About Soft gel Capsules

All You Need To Know About Soft gel Capsules

If you’ve ever needed Omega-3 vitamins, or have been recommended multi-vitamins by your doctor, then you have seen soft gel capsules. Fish oil capsules, cod liver oil capsules- these are all soft gel capsules. Soft gels are easy to consume and can be made to last longer, reducing the need for frequent medication. This has made them preferable for people of all ages.

Here we’re going to talk about a soft gel capsule, the various types of soft gel capsules, and their propensity in the Indian Pharma industry.

What is a soft gel capsule?

 Soft gel capsules, also known are liquid gel capsules, are semi-transparent capsules containing medication usually suspended in a gelatin mixture. These capsules are primarily manufactured for multi-vitamin medications like Vitamin A, B, D, etc.

They are quicker to absorb as their outer structure is less firm compared to conventional tablets. They are also fast-acting since their components are already in liquid or semi-solid form, making it easier for the digestive system to digest and absorb the medication. They are mostly tasteless, making them easier for consumption for individuals who dislike strong odors or tastes. They have a higher bioavailability, as more of the drug can be absorbed and transported by the bloodstream. This enhances their effectiveness.

Types of soft gel capsules

 They are primarily four types of soft gel capsules. These are:

  • Chewable capsules: this can be masticated to release the medication within.
  • Meltable capsules: suppositories, used when the method of drug intake is gastrointestinal.
  • Suckable capsules: the medication is sucked out from within its shell.
  • Twist-off capsules: the top of the capsule can be twisted or cut off to consume the medication within.

The propensity of soft gels in India

 Soft gel capsules have been a mainstay of the Indian Pharma industry. Pharma franchise for Soft gel capsules in India has grown tremendously since its inception. PCD companies for soft gel capsules in India have also boomed since the demand for medical services and medication has risen worldwide. It is an ever-growing industry, and with the pandemic pushing up demands for holistic healthcare, it will only grow in the future. You must ensure getting high quality capsules and other medicines for better cure. Know that there are multiple varieties.

Soft gels are very similar to capsules, but their components are always liquid. They are semi-transparent and mainly used as dietary supplements for nutrition deficiencies. Mainly used for multi-vitamin medication, they have become an integral part of corrective medication to address the nutritional deficiency in adults and children alike. They are mostly consumed orally and are far easier to swallow than conventional capsules, which can be bitter and hard for first-timers. In addition, they are fast-acting and can also be made for extended-release- meaning that low amounts of the drug are released into the body over time. This reduces the need for frequent medication and can result in lesser side effects for consumers.