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Nova Indus Pharmaceuticals – The Best PCD Pharma Franchise in India

Nova Indus Pharmaceuticals – The Best PCD Pharma Franchise in India

In the times of Covid, India has played a major role in becoming the prime partner in providing vaccines and all kinds of medications. On a global stand, India is known for its effective medicines and formulations. This has led to the rise of many pharmaceutical companies in India along with their franchises. Nova Indus Pharma is one such PCD pharma franchise company in India and they have received many accolades for their contribution to the medical sciences.

The company’s motto is to provide the best-in-class pharma products at an affordable price through constant innovation and automation. They hold a strong position in the market with a vision to provide healthcare facilities across the globe. So, let us understand how they can provide world-class medicines at an affordable rate.

They follow the concept of the PCD franchise in India which is a brand-new concept. PCD stands for propaganda cum distribution. There are two formats available in the pharma sector as of now. One is a pharma franchise and another is a PCD pharma franchise.

Although both the terms are interchangeably used by laymen, the concepts are widely different from one another.

Nova Indus Pharma – Modus Operandi

Being a PCD franchise company in India, Nova Indus Pharma has tie-ups with major pharmaceutical companies. These companies manufacture the drugs or medications and instead of selling them to a distributor, they supply to franchises like Nova Indus Pharma.

This reduces the lead time of any medication to reach the market. Furthermore, several pharma franchises manufacture and produce different medicines, vaccines, and formulations. These franchises also sell directly to the companies like Nova Indus Pharmaceuticals.

The PCD franchise holds the inventory and makes medicines available to hospitals, clinics, and retail stores for further distribution. Apart from that, they also have a manufacturing unit that produces specialized formulations including tablets, capsules, injectables, ointments, etc.

Since its inception, the company strives for better medicines and formulations. They focus on the seamless distribution of the products across the countries to meet the needs of the patients. Apart from the domestic market, they also are expanding their reach to the global pharmaceutical economy.

Why select Nova Indus Pharma?

India is going to be the fifth-largest pharmaceutical market in the coming years. This asks for better healthcare units. And to cater to these healthcare units, pharmaceutical companies are trying to increase their throughput and market reach. In the race of becoming number one, many critical factors like formulation testing, affordability, and reliability of the medicines are sometimes overlooked.

With this PCD pharma franchise, you can find the best results. Their medications undergo a quality inspection at each stage and are scrutinized thoroughly before reaching the market. This ensures that you get the perfect reliable and quality products on the shelf. Apart from this, customer delight and satisfaction have always been a prime focus. So, you can be assured of the faith you put into their medicines.

They have been in the market for decades now and understand the requirements of the market. Therefore, they believe in providing the best possible healthcare medicines and life-saving drugs without compromising the quality through a seamless distribution channel. Thus, their medicines are available all the time at an affordable price.